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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Whether you use this site as a casual visitor or become a member of you are agreeing to certain terms which are clearly outlined below. Please read this agreement carefully. We may change this agreement from time to time and by using the site you are agreeing to the terms as they are updated and changed, whether or not you have read them. If at any time you do not agree with these terms, please do not use the site. All of the information in this agreement refers to only. Other sites which are linked to ours may not covered by this agreement and you should refer to their agreements for their specific policies. We are careful about the sites with which we link, however, we cannot control the ever changing information on those sites and urge you to use good judgment when visiting all web sites. If you wish to link your site to our site please e-mail us at for consideration.

In using you agree to enter true and accurate information on the site as a part of the membership process. If you enter a bogus email address we will immediately inactivate your account.
Our articles, recordings, and all other information on this site are copyrighted and/or trademarked by either the author or You may NOT use this content without written permission from except for your own personal non-commercial use. By downloading, printing, or otherwise using the material on the site for personal use you in no way assume any ownership rights of that material. If you see something on the site that you would like to use or share beyond simple personal use, it is likely that we will consider allowing you to do so - but only with written permission. For permission please e-mail We reserve the right to deny use of the site to anyone for any reason. If you voluntarily terminate your membership it is your responsibility to make a hard copy of information you have entered into the site before your terminate your membership.

If you have questions about our terms of use agreement please e-mail us as

Use of the Website and Yahoo Groups subscriber list

You may NOT: Attempt to bring other users into a multi-level marketing, network business or pyramid scheme, use profanity, make sexual references, make derogatory or discriminatory comments, slander or libel anyone, be rude or crude in any way, be abusive or offensive, do anything unlawful, invade or breach the privacy of another person or organization, stalk or harass anyone, post web addresses for any adult rated sites, say anything that might be construed as exploiting children, or give legal, financial, or medical advice. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless you own the copyright yourself.

We monitor all messages to members and reserve the right to delete any message that we determine to be inappropriate in any way. This might include any of the above or simply postings that we deem to be in poor taste. Please be professional, courteous, and mature in your use of the subscriber list. We reserve the right to terminate the membership of anyone using the subscriber list inappropriately.

We do not vouch for or warranty the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any message. We reserve the right to reveal your identify (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.

If you have questions about use of the Website and Yahoo Groups subscriber list please email us as


All of the information on this site is based on the opinion of the writers who contribute to the site. Most of these writers are professional business and/or personal coaches. They are not attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, therapists, physicians, or nutritionists and unless otherwise stated on their bio pages they are not licensed by any federal, state, or local agency. Use the information on this site at your own risk and use your common sense. Use of this site is not a substitute for professional legal, financial or medical advice. If you feel that you need specific advice in a particular area you are encouraged to seek personal, professional counsel.

While we strive to provide useful and high quality information on this site, we make no representations about the suitability, accuracy, or reliability of the information as it might relate to any site visitor or member. By using this site you agree to hold, its hosts, sponsors, contributors to the site, and all other users of the site harmless in every way. If you have questions about this disclaimer please e-mail us as

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