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Negotiation Tips for Coaches – How to Trade Well for Your Services

Audio recording

Download the presentation in 2007 PowerPoint or PDF

Presented on 4/8/09 by: Marty Finkle, CEO of Scotwork (NA) Inc. (

Key learning points include: 

·        What negotiation skills can help you build your practice
·        What are the fundamentals of negotiation to help you and your clients
·        How to achieve win-win results

Marty Finkle, CPT, is the CEO of Scotwork (NA) Inc., a negotiation consulting and training practice with locations in 30 countries globally.  Scotwork was founded 33 years ago in Glasgow Scotland and the consulting and training is now done in over 1400 companies globally in 19 languages. Marty runs the North American business where he and his team of negotiators work with over 100 companies in over 20 industries focused on negotiations.  

Marty is a much sought after speaker, advisor, consultant and writer on negotiation. He speaks nationally and works closely with many organizations on a negotiation strategy, process and behaviors across their enterprise and cultures. The companies Marty and his team work with see incredible ROI on their negotiation engagements internally and externally.  This process is adaptable to executive boardroom, sales, business development, procurement and sourcing, finance, operations, human resources at all levels of the corporation.  It is also adaptable to negotiations in your personal lives. 

I’ve attended one of Marty’s presentations and he is a brilliant and engaging speaker with extraordinary content.  Most of us negotiate frequently—with our spouses, children, clients, service providers, and others.  Marty shows you how to achieve win-win results in your business and personal life!

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