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"Why" and "How" of using Assessments in your Coaching Business.”

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We are delighted to announce that our speakers will be Winston and Barb Connor of Coaching Dynamics, Inc.  They will present “The "Why" and "How" of using Assessments in your Coaching Business.”

Handouts for the Meeting:

Winston and Barb Connor use what they refer to as “the coach approach” to using assessments. As ICF Master Certified Coaches, they have a passion for optimizing discovery for the client. You will feel that passion in the experiences they share, especially as it relates to using assessments effectively and most powerfully to have assessments support client growth. Utilizing high quality, validated assessments provides something tangible so coaches can quickly focus in on client's strengths, as well as some areas where they may be held back. Assessments, they find, are a "natural" fit with coaching. I’ve personally been trained by Winston & Barb and they are truly assessment gurus and extraordinary trainers.

This session will provide you with:

  • An understanding of how validated assessments can increase coaching effectiveness.
  • A greater awareness of important considerations in selecting the right assessments for you and your business.
  • Techniques to leverage assessments to grow your coaching business.

Though there will be a lot of information, Winston and Barb invite interactive discussion. So, don’t come to this teleclass expecting a dry “presentation!"

Information about Winston & Barb: Winston and Barb Connor of Coaching Dynamics, Inc. are both ICF Master Certified Coaches, Professional Mentor Coaches, are faculty for CU and CCU, and are also Coach Certification Reviewers. Both are certified in a number of validated assessments and have their own assessment certification offerings. They have been coaching full time for the past 11 years, often being referred to as "assessment gurus," when doing presentations for a variety of conferences. Assessments are an area where the Connors have a real passion around creating value. And they have trained and certified well over 1,000 people in various assessments. Winston and Barb also have coaching groups that focus on developing coaching competencies in preparation for ICF certification.  To know more about Coaching Dynamics, visit and

Bobbie and I invite you to invite others who might benefit from participation in this SIG meeting.  Our Career Coaches SIG website,, offers additional career coaching resources including recordings of prior SIG meetings.

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