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Provide Higher Value Career Coaching Services with Personality Trait Assessments 

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Pierce J. Howard, PhD, and Jane Mitchell Howard, MBA, co-founders of the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies who will present "Provide Higher Value Career Coaching Services with Personality Trait Assessments.”

Did you know that 60% of your personality traits and preferences are genetically imprinted at birth? Environmental and other factors help shape the remaining 40%. Personality trait assessments can help you to quickly understand your clients’ personality fit for various competencies that are important for their current or future desired career and guide you in providing coaching services while assisting your clients develop greater self-awareness. Performance, communications, teamwork, leadership and sales capabilities, among others, are profoundly influenced by personality traits.

I have been using personality assessments in my coaching practice for the past eight years and assessments have helped me to:

  • Get off to a fast start with clients by greatly reducing the time to understand their uniqueness, capacities, and passions;
  • Provide high value career guidance and coaching based on the additional insights and perspectives that assessments afford; and
  • Create follow-on opportunities for coaching and other services such as conducting 360 degree feedback assessments (to measure workplace performance for key competencies) for corporate managers and executives in conjunction with a personality profile self-assessment (that measures personality fit for those key competencies).

Pierce and Jane are pioneers in the field of personality research and assessments and have been working with the Five-Factor Model of Personality since 1989. Pierce is the author of The Owner’s Manual for the Brain, published in 2006 as the 3rd edition. He and his book were featured on Oprah. He and Jane are the co-authors of The Owner’s Manual for Personality at Work, published in 2001, the WorkPlace Big Five ProFile™, the SchoolPlace Big Five ProFile™, several workbooks, scripts, and trade journal articles. In addition, the Howards are the co-authors of the first article ever published in the trade literature about the Big Five Model in the American Society of Training & Development’s prestigious magazine, T+D, in September 1995, “Buddy, Can You Paradigm.”

I invite you to visit their website,, for more information. In addition, Pierce and Jane have graciously invited Career Coaches SIG members to take a complimentary BigFive Profile assessment and receive your own report of the WorkPlace results for consideration of using the tool for coaching your clients. You can contact CentACS at 1.800.BIG-5555 and ask for Caryn Lee or Debbie Iradi to set up your complimentary assessment. You may take the assessment before or after the meeting (it’s not required to attend the meeting).

Whether you are new to assessments, or experienced in assessment work, this is a presentation that can help you to distinguish your career coaching practice, provide greater client value, and create additional revenue streams.


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