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Doing More Lucrative Corporate-Based Work & Promote Your Book or Coaching Practice with Presentations, Seminars and Workshops.

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Bobbie LaPorte's Presentation:

The business demand for coaching services is continuing to increase at a rapid rate with more than $2B spent annually and doubling every year.  Nearly 50% of Fortune 500 companies now use coaches to supplement their internal training and development resources, and a growing body of research suggests that the ROI on such services averages over 500% of coaching fees. With this increasing demand, many career coaches are moving from working exclusively with private clients to doing more lucrative corporate-based work.

However, with this increased demand comes more oversight and accountability. Many corporations are taking a more systemic approach to their coaching programs, including more formal contracting and rigorous credentialing, and designing coaching programs that are aligned with their corporate culture and complement their internal performance and talent management programs. In addition, they are frequently requiring their pool of coaches to define the outcomes and performance results by which they will be measured.

In this brief presentation, Bobbie will cover the following areas:

  • an overview of the types of ROI measurements being used by corporations
  • recent studies that demonstrate the ROI of coaching services
  • how to develop your coaching program and approach to include outcomes and accountability measurements
  • how to position yourself as a partner with internal HR and Training and Development staff in this changing competitive landscape

Roberta (Bobbie) LaPorte is President and Founder of RAL & Associates, a career and leadership consulting firm based in San Francisco. Through her consulting practice, Bobbie has helped hundreds of career professionals – from recent college grads to CEOs – discover the “best next step” in their career. She is a graduate of Coach U, and a member of the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association (PCMA), the International Coach Federation (ICF) and The Career Masters Institute (CMI).  

As an accomplished Ironman triathlete and a recognized authority on the powerful relationship between physical fitness and career success, Bobbie works with her clients to integrate physical fitness and career planning for a complete career performance plan. She has held senior management positions at IBM, Citigroup and United Healthcare, and has a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts, and an MBA from Harvard University.


Ron Paxton's Presentation: 

Ron Paxton, co-founder of Career Renaissance LLC and co-author of “The Michelangelo Method: Release Your Inner Masterpiece and Create an Extraordinary Life” (pub. McGraw-Hill, Jan. 2007) will present “Promote Your Book or Coaching Practice with Presentations, Seminars and Workshops.”

Want to have a backlog of coaching clients from around the world?  Thinking about writing a non-fiction book to promote your brand?  If you do, you must have a way to get your point of view across to a large national and international audience.  For example, only 1 in 300 non-fiction proposals that agents send to major publishers result in a contract, and most of those are from authors with a good track record.  Even if you have a great concept and a well-written book you will likely be rejected unless you already have a large platform for driving book sales (e.g., a syndicated radio show, well-established seminar programs reaching thousands of potential buyers, or you are a well-known personality). 

Ron, a previously unpublished author, will show you how to improve your odds through a powerful platform building strategy and plan, and will discuss one component of a platform you can start with—presentations, seminars, and workshops.  Non-authors will also benefit as presentations, seminars, and workshops can help you to promote professional coaching services and related products.

Ron Paxton is Managing Director of Career Renaissance LLC ( He specializes in career and life coaching, and has conducted workshops and seminars internationally.  Ron was formerly President of the New Jersey Professional Coaches Association, and is a board member of the NJ Chapter of the American Society of Training and Development.  He is co-host of the Coach U Career Coaches and host of the Information Technology Coaches Special Interest Groups.  Previously he held management and executive positions at IBM, Unisys, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.  He is a graduate of Coach U and has a Master of Science degree from New York University.

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