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Pam Day


970-613-0972 ext. 2

Email address:


Career Coaching Areas of Expertise

Pam works primarily with people in their 30’s-50’s from all walks of life including teachers, Mom’s, artists and entrepreneurs.  They are seeking something more in life and are asking the questions, "What is my purpose?" and "How can I make an impact in my community and my world?"
Pam assists by creating a spark that empowers exploration of:

  • Who they are.
  • What is meaningful and valuable in their lives.
  • How to find the career that fits best with their God given strengths and personality.
  • How to implement it into living a life of purpose.

Education & Training

  • Certified Coach and Core Essentials Graduate from Coach U.
  • Member of NCCA (Northern Colorado Coaching Alliance)
  • Entrepreneur – founder of Paths of Discovery Life Coaching.  Founder and general partner of TwoDays Remodeling and Design. 
  • Associates degree in Cosmetology. Over 20 years experience as own contractor.


Pam Day is passionate about coaching those who are in career/life transitions. Her clients are seeking something more in life and are asking the questions, "What is my purpose?" and "How can make an impact in my community and my world?"

She believes that each of us is given the choice to pursue various paths during our life journey. Pam works with those who are eager to put on their walking shoes and find the pathway that is waiting to be revealed. She supports and challenges her clients to live their unique purpose and empowers them to take the risk and drop what is holding them back. Pam coaches based on a Spirit, mind and body premise. She believes that in order to live on purpose and in harmony, this must work together in our lives.

Pam is a certified Core Essentials Coach with a focus in career/life transition. She received her certification and training from Coach U. She is founder of her coaching practice Some of her clients include Mom’s, teachers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and artists. They are ready to explore the possibilities of transitioning into a career/life that is in alignment with their calling, or to re-invent their current career/life into something that feels more purposeful. Pam offers individual and group coaching and offers a complimentary 40 minute coaching consultation. If you are ready to explore the possibilities in your life, you can find Pam at Sign up today for her free inspirational newsletters!

Empowering you to explore the possibilities to live your unique purpose in your work/life and to make an impact in your world.

My Favorite Client
""Pam has been such an asset to me as a coach. She always gave me time to express exactly where I wanted to go and made sure the ideas and work were coming from my own thoughts and concerns. She would never give me the answer to a challenge, but would somehow bring out the underlying potential within me to work for the change with my own effort and thinking. Pam “uncovered” for me the skills that I already had inside of me and began to show me how to use them effectively. She had a wonderful way of keeping me focused and her words of encouragement, knowledge of coaching, competency and kindness were never ending." "  

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