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Karen Long

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Intelligent Alliances, LLC


4031 University Drive, Suite 200
Fairfax, VA 22030



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Karen Long of “Intelligent Alliances, LLC is a communications coach who helps intelligent professionals build stronger presence, improve self-awareness connect better with others. She helps clients identify and remove the blind spots that keep them from making the smart decisions they need to succeed.

She began her career as an advertising photographer in Somerville, New Jersey. When she needed an interview to sell a story on local hot-air balloon racing, she contacted the noted capitalist Malcolm Forbes and asked to meet with him. He not only granted the interview, but also invited her to go for a ride in a private balloon over his estate in NJ, forever implanting in her the belief that we should always “ask for what we want”. Later, in New York City, she operated, managed and marketed images specializing in food used in national advertising for advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies. She also taught lighting seminars to professionals across the US; gave workshops in New York City, on “How To Write A Business Plan” and “Negotiating Techniques”; and sold stock photography through The Stock Market, one of the largest stock image agencies in New York.

When one of her advertising clients got tired of answering her questions about his layouts, he suggested she go back to school and learn to become a graphic designer and later, an art director. She attended the New School of Visual Arts and went on to work for small firms in New York City and Connecticut and later, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in Arlington, VA. She also had her own design and photography studio in Fairfax, VA.

Before deciding to become a coach, she worked for a local company in Virginia, which produces more than 40% of the world’s currency, specializing in security document design. By developing an alternative perspective to view hidden information, her job was to create designs for clients who required a way to protect their brand identity and products from being counterfeited.

Though she started her coaching career as a Life Coach, she has since decided to work in government agencies and private industry; she became certified as a CPCC through Coaches Training Institute and is certified in EQ-i® (Emotional Quotient Inventory) through OKA, Otto Kroeger Associates. She is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and has an active Secret security clearance. As someone with a natural ability to see the strengths in her clients, she draws them out in a powerful way through assessments, workshops and individual coaching. With considerable experience helping people in front of the camera, she uses photography and video to facilitate the intentional impact her clients want to project. She feels strongly that the ability to communicate more effectively has never been more important in affecting the bottom line. To see examples of her business portrait work, go to:

She is most driven to help people maximize their "Emotional and Social Intelligence - the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions. Emotional Intelligence describes abilities that go well beyond the static number of IQ into the world of unlimited learning. Unlike IQ, it can be developed. In her work, she believes it might be the single most important skill to being successful in business and in our personal lives.

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