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Gwyneth Anne Freedman

Company Name:

Personal Journey Coaching


PO Box 9335, San Jose, CA 95157



Fax: 408.493.4263

Email address:


Career Coaching Areas of Expertise

High-Tech corporate employees positioned for, or new to, the Director level  which often requires new skills, including:

  • Expanding communication skills to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization
  • Increasing delegation skills
  • Becoming comfortable and skilled at overseeing more breadth without knowing as much depth
  • Creating and delivering vision
  • Flexible leadership skills
  • ...and more

Other areas also include:

  • Employees who need more accountability than their boss provides
  • Identifying what reduces and what increases job satisfaction
  • Re-evaluating current position, and identifying specific actions for preparing and moving into next job
  • Exploring new career possiblities

Education & Training

  • Graduated with double major in Psychology and Sociology from University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)
  • Coach U Certified Graduate (CUCG)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from International Coach Federation (ICF)


Gwyneth Anne’s coaching business focuses on corporate employees.  She has coached support staff employees seeking advancement within their companies, as well as newly appointed supervisors who are learning how to balance their own workloads while developing their leadership and coaching skills. At the top of the corporate ladder, she has coached executives wanting to improve their leadership skills, learn to more efficiently manage their time, and develop and communicate their corporate visions in a more compelling manner. With technical staff she’s coached employees to develop their communications and time management skills.  She has successfully coached mid-level management clients who faced challenges in their ability to move from a departmental focus to a more corporate wide, better integrated vision of their company’s goals and objectives.

To learn more, and read testimonials, visit or email for a complimentary exploratory consultation.

My Favorite Client

"Recently the VP of my small group of 30 at a very large company of 100,000 announced that we were going to spin-out of the parent company and form a separate company based solely on the product we were working on. Although I believed sincerely in the technology of the product I was working on, and I had been at this company for 18 years, I needed to look around to weigh my options. Within in a few months I had an offer with a promotion and a 20% increase in salary. Now I was really in a predicament! I decided that I needed some help in making this very important decision so I called Gwyneth Anne Freedman of Personal Journey Coaching. I am very happy I did because she coached me through the tough process of determining what questions to ask the prospective employers, how to talk to my current management, what questions to ask myself and in the end she helped me gain a clearer understanding of what I was really looking for out of a job, besides good pay. I am currently enjoying life with a 24% increase in salary at the start-up company that was once a very small part of a very big company thanks to the expert coaching I received from Gwyneth Anne at Personal Journey Coaching."

Cedric - CA

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