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Bill Gaffney

Company Name:

Amaxa Group
Career Consultants


PO Box 2333
Dayton, Oh 45401



Cell #:


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Career Coaching Areas of Expertise

  • Assisting professionals to identify and achieve professional and personal goals
  • Developing a job search plan
  • Networking skills
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Career Planning
  • Effective work/life balance

Education & Training

  • Member ICF & IAC, member Central Ohio Coaches (ICF Charter Chapter)
  • Past Board Member Cincinnati Chapter: ICF
  • Co-Founder: Dayton Coaches
  • CPC: Highest Accreditation of National Association of Personnel Services
  • Trainer in recruiting industry
  • 20+ Years Peer Counseling
  • Author & frequent article contributor in both coaching and recruiting, as well as editor of two monthly newsletters for a business networking organization.
  • Weekly writer of Ask Amaxa, a job search column

Bill Gaffney is a proven sales and operations manager with over 30 years in corporate America. He has been recruiting since 1991 and actively engaged in career coaching since 2002. His search work has included sales and marketing executives, operations’ executives and sales and marketing professionals.

Bill’s background includes 20+ years in the telecommunications’ industry where he was a top sales and sales management performer with NCR and MCI. Previously he was a general manager with a top restaurant chain where he was recognized for his training and personnel development skills. He also has assisted in the start up of two companies and a new division of a Fortune 500 firm.

Many of Bill’s clients come from mid and upper level management. He is recognized for his pragmatic approach and his ability to get to the issues and assist his clients in developing a detailed career and personal map.

Bill began his executive coaching practice in July, 2002. At that time he set aside his recruiting practice and focused exclusively on executive coaching for an extended period of time. Bill works with professionals and executives in job transition, career development and career management. Today he is active in both career coaching and recruiting. This mix allows him to continue to teach the skills he uses in recruiting to those in the middle of a career change.

My Favorite Client
"Dear Bill,

Thank you for your helpful guidance during our meeting last week and for the subsequent networking support you generously provided. While I am currently very satisfied with the outplacement services I am receiving from one of the largest and most highly-respected global outplacement firms, the guidance and support I received from you provided me with additional insights and proved to be a nice synergy with the services of the outplacement firm. I found your guidance with the following items to be particularly helpful:

Candid feedback regarding how I, and my resume come across to others.
Helpful insights for my self-marketing plan.
References to networking contacts, networking associations, and executive recruiters.
Recommendations for more effective cover letters and networking protocols.
Guidance on how Executive Recruiters operate and how to get noticed.
Guidelines for interviewing and effective responses to commonly asked interview questions.

While some outplacement firms may cover some of the above items, your prior experience as an executive recruiter enabled you to offer greater insights and a different perspective on all aspects of the career transition process.”

Mfg Executive


“Dear Bill,

A belated, but nonetheless sincere thank you for the valuable assistance you provided during my recent 8-month job search. In particular, I want to thank you for the referrals to other recruiters in your network, most notably Daina DiVeto who secured an interview for me with Dell Financial Services. It impressed me that you went out of your way to get my name in front of others that had a good – and perhaps better – chance to help me find a job within the credit industry.

During this time, you were also in transition between your previous career as an executive recruiter and your current role as a career coach. You might have allowed this to affect your attention to those with whom you were working as a recruiter, but you didn’t miss a beat. You continued to be readily available to me as a valuable resource in my search. For example, you provided timely and effective feedback to me whenever I asked for your opinion on issues regarding my employment search, suggestions on interviewing preparation and techniques and follow up correspondence after the interview and receiving a job offer. Finally, the networking contact references you gave me were of immeasurable value, particularly the GHM network based in Chicago. I was able to connect with others in my situation and share information and stories that helped immensely. I even started a local subgroup of GHM in the Northern/Central CA area that now has about 20 members.

In short, I appreciate the excellent insights and perspectives you were able to offer me during my job search. I will gladly recommend you (in fact, I already have) to others who are in a similar situation. "

Banking Executive


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